Walmart Apologizes To People Who Received Racist Emails

New York – Walmart Apologizes to customers who got emails from the company that used the n-word in a previous communication.

Walmart said on Monday that someone outside the firm established bogus accounts on its website using the people’s email addresses. This caused the corporation to send an auto-generated email that included the racist slur.

Walmart would not indicate how many customers received the emails, but dozens of people claimed to have gotten them via Twitter.

“We are deeply sorry that you received an unpleasant and inappropriate email,” Walmart’s chief customer officer Janey Whiteside said in an email to individuals who had received the message. “We’re striving to improve the account sign-up procedure so that this doesn’t happen again,” says the company.

The fraudulent accounts, according to Whiteside, will be removed.

“Again, we are aware that the email sent was heinous, and we strongly feel that those terms should never be used,” she stated. “We’re investigating all options for holding those responsible accountable.”

Bad actors may easily obtain people’s addresses on the internet, which is something customers should be cautious of when they get unexpected emails.

“The perpetrators most likely obtained email addresses via a readily and readily available ‘dump’ from a past third-party intrusion,” Vikram Thakur, technical director at Broadcom-owned Symantec, told CNN Business Monday.

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