Volcano Erupts In Congo, At Least 15 People Have Died And Thousands Have Been Forced To Evacuate.

Volcano Erupts In Congo — Officials and survivors said Sunday that lava flowed into villages in eastern Congo after dark with no notice, killing at least 15 people and damaging more than 500 houses.

lgnews-Volcano-Erupts-In-Congo2According to the United Nations Children’s Fund, the eruption of Mount Nyiragongo on Saturday night forced around 5,000 people to evacuate the city of Goma over the nearby Rwandan border, while another 25,000 found shelter in Sake to the northwest.

More than 170 children were still missing Sunday, according to UNICEF authorities, who said they were putting together transit centres to assist unaccompanied children in the aftermath of the tragedy.

Goma was largely spared the devastation that the volcano wreaked the last time it erupted in 2002. Hundreds of people died, and over 100,000 people were displaced. Sunday, on the other hand, was characterised by sorrow and confusion in outlying villages closer to the volcano.

When the lava flow approached her village, Aline Bichikwebo and her baby were able to flee, but both her mother and father were killed. Community members put the death toll in Bugamba at ten, though provincial authorities said it was too early to say how many people died.

Bichikwebo claims she attempted to save her father but was unable to carry him to safety until the lava engulfed the family’s house.

She clutched her baby and said, “I’m calling for support because everything we had is gone.” “We don’t even have a pot,” says the narrator. We’ve been orphans of nothing.”

Since too many houses had caught fire when the lava hit, the air was dense with smoke.

“People are always scared and hungry,” said Alumba Sutoye, a local. “They have no idea where they’ll sleep for the night.” Authorities said at least five more people died in a truck crash while attempting to flee Goma, although the extent of the tragedy in some of the hardest-hit villages has yet to be known.

There was no warning until the dark sky turned a bright red, sending people fleeing in all directions, according to residents. According to Rwanda’s national broadcaster, one woman went into labour and gave birth while fleeing the eruption.

On Sunday, smoke billowed from smouldering lava heaps near the city of Athene.

Innocent Bahala Shamavu said, “We have seen the disappearance of almost an entire city.” “All of the houses in the Buhene neighbourhood were destroyed by fire, which is why we are appealing to all regional and national officials, as well as all partners and citizens of good faith around the world, to come to the rescue of this population.”

Witnesses reported that lava had consumed one of the highways linking Goma and Beni. However, as in 2002, where lava poured onto the runways, the airport seemed to be spared.

lgnews-Volcano-Erupts-In-Congo1Goma serves as a geographic centre for several humanitarian organisations as well as the United Nations peacekeeping mission. Although several United Nations peacekeepers and relief workers call Goma home, most of eastern Congo is threatened by a slew of armed groups fighting for dominance of the region’s natural wealth.

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