GOP Lawmakers Hold Venue In California Protest After 3 Cancellations

RIVERSIDE (California) — After a third venue in California cancelled their event, Republican House Reps. Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene staged a protest on Saturday.

Instead, they staged a demonstration outside Riverside City Hall, where one of the programmes had been cancelled. The latest cancellation was confirmed by an Anaheim official only hours before the demonstration was set to begin.

According to the Press-Enterprise, Greene addressed the gathering, “This is what they need to realise.” “We will not back down; we will put America first.”

“Do you know why they’re so frightened of Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene?” Gaetz asked. Because we fight for you, not them,” the publication claims.

Supporters of the legislators and counterprotesters gathered nearby exchanged shouts and arguments.

According to the Press-Enterprise, municipal officials “raised our public safety concerns with the operator, and the operator shares the worries.”

Lyster stated, “We appreciate free expression and are capable of conducting events.” “However, it was the absence of advance warning for an event that would get the amount of attention that this one would garner that has created concerns for our city.”

“Concerns about the nature of the event, and that it does not reflect the city of Anaheim and the values we share,” Lyster added.

Two adjacent venues had earlier abandoned their plans to host the event.

The event was advertised as an “America First” rally by the two far-right members of Congress, and it was part of a series of events they have spoken at this year.

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