‘My Darkest Secret’: Uma Thurman Confesses Adolescent Abortion In A Poignant Essay

Uma Thurman spoke out about an abortion she had when she was a teenager after Texas enacted the new legislation banning most abortions beyond six weeks.

The “Kill Bill” star wrote in an op-ed for The Washington Post that the law strikes her with “deep grief, and something like to terror.”

Thurman, 51, said she thought it was her “duty” to speak out and “stand in their shoes.”

“I was unintentionally impregnated by a considerably older man in my late teens,” she revealed, explaining that she intended to retain the pregnancy until her parents “warned me how difficult it would be to raise a baby as a youngster on my own.”

“As I evaluated responses to their very specific inquiries, my childlike dream of parenting was severely corrected. I was just beginning out in my profession and didn’t have the financial resources to build a secure house for myself or my family “Thurman said. “We as a family concluded that I couldn’t carry the baby to term and that abortion was the best option. Regardless, my heart was crushed.”

“This narrative is filled with so much suffering. Until now, it’s been my deepest darkest secret “she went on. “The abortion I had as a teenager was the most difficult choice of my life, one that caused me agony at the time and continues to sadden me now, but it was the route that led me to a life full of joy and love. I was able to mature and become the mother I wanted and needed as a result of my decision not to maintain that early pregnancy.”

Maya, 23, Levon, 19, and Luna, 9, are Thurman’s three children. Maya and Levon are her ex-husbands Ethan Hawke’s children, while Luna is her ex-boyfriend Arpad Busson’s.

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