UK: Joint Airdrop Drill Affirms UK’s Support For Jordan

RAF AKROTIRI, Cyprus — According to Britain’s armed forces minister, British paratroopers trained alongside Jordanian soldiers in an airdrop over the Middle Eastern country to demonstrate the UK’s Support For Jordan and commitment to regional security.

Minister James Heappey said in a statement that the combined drill between 150 British paratroopers and 84 Jordanian parachutists on Wednesday demonstrated that the United Kingdom’s armed services “stand with Jordan against common challenges in the region.”

British soldiers will play a part in developing “strong, historic bilateral connections in the Middle East and North Africa area, which are essential to U.K. economic and security,” according to Brigade Commander Brigadier James Martin.

The paratroopers, the Brigade’s primary assault unit, made the leap on Jordan’s 100th anniversary of independence.

The brigade is an important part of the United Kingdom’s Global Response Force, a versatile force capable of swiftly completing assigned duties anywhere in the world.

Heappey stated, “They are the troops of the future, ready to face evolving dangers throughout the world.”

The British paratroopers dropped from a 1,000-foot-high C130 Hercules transport plane that took off from RAF Akrotiri, a British airbase on Cyprus’ eastern Mediterranean island. The British paratroopers were joined by Jordanian forces in attacking a fake hamlet, armed with SA80 and sniper rifles, light and heavy machine guns, an 81mm mortar, and a light artillery piece.

In addition to infantry and artillery training, the Brigade is conducting additional military exercises alongside Jordanian soldiers.

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