Two Ladies Were Arrested After Stealing $10,000 French Bulldog Puppy From Pet Store

Two ladies were arrested for allegedly taking a 14-week-old French bulldog puppy from a Texas pet store valued thousands of dollars.

The alleged theft happened at the Petland Woodlands shop in Shenandoah, roughly 30 miles north of Houston, at 12:25 p.m. According to a report from ABC News’ Houston affiliate KTRK, local police received a call from the pet store stating that two ladies had just rushed out of the company with a dog.

“They quickly snatched the dog and fled out the door,” Petland Woodlands manager Andrew Jones told KTRK. “[The two ladies] wanted to view a French bulldog, which we allowed them to see per our policy, and they immediately stole the dog and went out the door,” Jones said. “Our workers walked outside to obtain a car description.”

Jones claimed his workers immediately dialed 911, and officers discovered the two ladies near the Woodlands Mall, attempting to reattach the license plates to a silver Chrysler PT Cruiser in which they had allegedly left the crime site.

Jones told KTRK, “They were smart enough to take off the license plate but not smart enough to wait until they were further away before putting it back on.”

Shortly after the event, both ladies were arrested and brought into the jail. It is unknown what charges they are facing.

According to Jones, the puppy, Mario, who is valued at $10,000, was returned to the pet store where he is doing well and enjoying a lot of care.

This isn’t the first time, according to Jones, that such a heist has been attempted at one of his businesses.

He told KTRK, “This happens more often than we’d want to say.” “French bulldogs are quite valuable, and as a result, individuals are attempting to steal them.”

Jones claims that his company has systems in place to avoid such break-ins, including a security system with 36 cameras and additional employees on the premises at all times.

According to Jones, who said he will evaluate if this is the safest and most secure procedure, the store also asks for proof of identity if someone expresses interest in buying a puppy, but does not require ID just to play with the dogs because it is important for the animals to get as much playtime as possible.

lgnews-Stealing-$10,000-French-Bulldog.jpg2He told KTRK, “We are relieved that Mario was safely returned to his Petland family and that he is unhurt.” “Thank you to the Shenandoah Police Department’s devoted men and women for acting quickly and assisting us in bringing Mario home.”

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