Outside The Washington Nationals Game, Vehicle Of Interest Is Sought In Triple Shooting

Police are looking for a grey Toyota with a missing hubcap in connection with a triple shooting outside Nationals Park in Washington, D.C., which brought the game to a halt and caused fear among fans.

The Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department posted images of the automobile on Twitter on Sunday, describing it as “the suspect vehicle” in a statement.

Police stated the shooting was an isolated occurrence and that it was thought to be a gunfight between two automobiles during a late-night press conference Saturday.

Authorities claimed the other car suspected of being involved was found shortly after the incident.

“While the MPD investigation is ongoing, it seems that the incident featured a disagreement between two automobiles. According to a joint statement from D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and Nationals owner Mark Lerner, “MPD does not think the Washington Nationals, the ballpark, or spectators were the objective.”

No arrests have been made as of Sunday afternoon.

Police have appealed to the public for assistance in identifying the passengers of a Toyota Corolla that was caught on camera by adjacent security cameras. They said the vehicle had a temporary Virginia tag, dark-tinted windows, and a hubcap missing from the rear driver’s side tire.

The incident occurred outside the Third Base Gate at Nationals Park during Saturday’s game between the Nationals and the San Diego Padres, according to the Nationals. After originally instructing supporters to remain seated due to an “incident” outside, they were directed to depart the stadium via the Centerfield or Right Field gates.

“In the city we love, we stand united against senseless acts of gun violence. Gun violence, regardless of where it occurs in our community, is abhorrent and will not be allowed, according to a joint statement released on Sunday. “…“We thank the amazing cooperation of the spectators at Saturday night’s game, who did everything required of them under extremely difficult conditions, as well as the police and fire emergency medical workers who reacted.

lgnews-Outside-The-Washington-Nationals-GameOutside the park, spectators heard loud pops during the bottom of the sixth inning. The game was paused as spectators made their way to the concourse, with some even exiting the bleachers and into the dugouts.

The incident happened at 9:30 p.m., according to police, and officers from the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department were on the scene when they heard gunshots and discovered a lady who was attending the game wounded outside the stadium.

“During the investigation, members discovered an adult female, awake and breathing, suffering from a gunshot wound,” police said in a statement on Sunday, adding that the lady was transported to the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

According to authorities, she is anticipated to be fine. At the hospital, two additional people suspected of being engaged in the shooting are being questioned.

A short time later, authorities received word of two more adult male victims seeking treatment for non-life-threatening gunshot wounds at a local hospital. At the hospital, they were both being questioned.

The Nationals were behind 8-4 when the game was called off.

The team said that the game will resume on Sunday, with a nine-inning contest. The game is part of a two-game set.

lgnews-Outside-The-Washington-Nationals-Game.gif22In a separate incident, a 6-year-old kid was murdered and five people were injured in a shooting in Washington, D.C. on Friday night. At a press conference, officials announced a $60,000 reward for information on the shooting of the child, Nyiah Courtney. According to local crime data, homicides have been on the rise in the city since 2017.

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