Tom Cruise Returns: “3 Golden Globes” As NBC Cancels 2022 Awards Ceremony!

The 2022 Golden Globes will not air on NBC amid the backlash against the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

The network also reported that the 2022 awards will not be broadcast because the organization is beset by institutional bias, legal lapses, and what key players perceive as a lack of serious change within its narrow ranks.

In a statement released on Monday, a spokeswoman for Comcast-owned NBC said, “We continue to expect that the HFPA is committed to substantive change.”

“However, the transition of this nature necessitates time and effort, and we believe the HFPA needs more time to get it right. As a result, the 2022 Golden Globes will not be shown on NBC. We expect to be able to air the show in January 2023, if the company follows through with the plan.”

The HFPA receives a $60 million annual charge from NBC to air the show. It’s uncertain if they’ll have to pay the fee for the 2022 ceremony, which is produced by Dick Clark Productions but has yet to air.

Warner Bros, Netflix, and Amazon have all severed relations with the HFPA, citing a lack of confidence in the organization’s ability to implement genuine change due to its lack of diversity. More than a hundred public relations agencies have already stated that they would “continue to refrain from all HFPA approved activities” before more significant reforms are implemented.

Tom Cruise has returned his three Golden Globe awards to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association in outrage, according to ET, as the group aims to develop innovative diversity and inclusion initiatives. Cruise presented the Golden Globes he received for Jerry Maguire, Magnolia, and Born On The Fourth Of July to the Academy.

Scarlett Johansson and Mark Ruffalo are among the rising list of celebrities who have spoken out against the group.

After it was discovered that the HFPA’s membership base has no Black members, the organization announced reforms last week that called for “at least 20 new members in 2021, with a strong emphasis on hiring Black members.”

In addition, the HFPA is aiming to “increase membership by 50% in the next 18 months,” by extending eligibility to any eligible journalist working for an international outlet based in the United States, as well as others who serve in a media “beyond print,” and dropping the condition that new members be endorsed by current members.

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