In July, New York City Will Have A Ticker Tape Parade To Honor Pandemic Heroes

Hip hip hooray! Mayor Bill de Blasio stated Monday that a Ticker Tape Parade commemorating heroes of the COVID-19 epidemic will take place next month in New York City.

The Hometown Heroes Parade will take place on July 7 along the Canyon of Heroes in lower Manhattan, 16 months after New York City was designated as the nation’s first COVID-19 hub.

According to the mayor, the city’s seven-day average optimism rate has reached a new low of 0.59 %.

The “health care heroes” of the epidemic, according to De Blasio, are “exceptional” and “should to be recognised for all time.”

“The people who kept us alive, the ones who kept the city functioning no matter what,” he continued. “A parade will be held in their honour, to thank them, and to celebrate them.”

lgnews-Ticker-Tape-Parade.jpg2Parades of ticker tape along the Canyon of Heroes are a New York City tradition. From Amelia Earhart in 1932 through Winston Churchill in 1946, these parades have honoured famous persons. The most recent ticker tape parade took place in 2019 in celebration of the United States women’s national soccer team’s World Cup victory.

“There have been ticker tape parades up the Canyon of Heroes for decades,” de Blasio remarked. “But this one will have a unique spirit, a unique heart and soul because it will honour regular New Yorkers who have done something great and deserve our gratitude.”

“There are floats for health care professionals, first responders, educators, municipal employees, transit employees, supermarket and bodega workers, delivery persons, and more. All of the key players who made it possible” said the mayor.” “It’s a day to honour and remember the unsung heroes who frequently go unnoticed.”

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