Olympic Third Athlete Test Positive Days Before The Games In Tokyo

TOKYO, Japan — A third athlete has tested positive for COVID-19 at the Olympic Village in Tokyo, with the Czech Republic team reporting the case of a beach volleyball player who might miss his first game on Monday.

After a PCR test verified his illness, Czech beach volleyball player Ondrej Perui may miss his first game on Monday. Perui and his playing partner will open their Olympic campaign against a Latvian squad.

In a statement, Czech team head Martin Doktor stated the game will be postponed until the sick player is cleared to participate.

Perui, who claims to have been vaccinated, is the second member of the Czech delegation to test positive in Tokyo, after the announcement on Saturday of a team official’s case.

He is the third athlete to test positive while residing in the village. COVID-19 cases for two South African men’s soccer players were revealed on Sunday.

On Monday, Kara Eaker’s personal coach announced that the 18-year-old alternate had tested positive in a Japanese Olympic training camp. Al Fong, the coach, said Eaker, who is 18, was inoculated against the new coronavirus two months ago. Eaker, who was the first American athlete to test positive after landing in Japan, shared a room with other alternates, while the competing squad shared a room with other competitors.

The South African players and a team video analyst who tested positive one day earlier were sent to the Tokyo Olympic organizing committee’s “isolation facility.”

Their 21 close associates in the South African team are now being scrutinized more closely ahead of their first game against Japan in Tokyo on Thursday. Daily testing, travel in a specialized car, exercising apart from colleagues who are not impacted, and being restricted to their rooms for meals are all part of the monitoring routine.

“Despite being in constant touch, you are allowed to perform the very minimum necessary to complete your preparation for the Games while being monitored,” said Pierre Ducrey, the Olympic Games operations director.

Before the Czech case was published on Monday, Tokyo Olympic organizers verified three more COVID-19 instances, including a media worker coming in Tokyo and a Games staffer or official in Chiba prefecture.

Both persons, who have not been identified, were placed in a 14-day quarantine, according to organizers.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced 727 new COVID-19 cases on Monday, the 30th day in a row that the number has increased over the previous week. Last Monday, there were 502 people on the list.

The games get off on Friday with no fans in virtually all event locations, including the opening ceremony, due to a state of emergency in Tokyo and a vaccination deployment that is taking longer than expected. Officials in Japan announced Monday that 21.6 percent of the country’s 126 million people are completely immunized.

Before the two new cases were disclosed, the overall number of illnesses linked to the Games had reached 58. On Tuesday, they should be added to the official tally.

According to Ducrey, 22,000 individuals have arrived in Japan since July 1, with 4,000 of them residing in the hamlet. At the Tokyo Olympics, around 11,000 competitors are expected to compete.

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