Police Have Identified Man Who Crashed His Car Through The Washington Monument Barrier, Has Detained Him

According to authorities, a man was detained after reportedly wrecking his automobile close outside the Washington Monument on Saturday night, missing numerous people who were wandering around the landmark.

According to a statement published by the United States Park Police, Jack Joseph Dessin, 38, of New Jersey, was detained for assault with a dangerous weapon (automobile) and destruction of federal property.

The event occurred about 7:23 p.m., and no pedestrians were hurt, according to the United States Park Police.

Officers arrived on the scene and discovered the SUV had driven into the security barrier at 14th Street and Constitution Avenue, which was plastered in placards and had an American flag hanging from its passenger-side door.

According to the police, the unnamed motorist had minor injuries and was detained at the site. As of Sunday morning, the suspect was charged with attempted assault with a dangerous weapon (automobile) and was scheduled to appear in court.

lgnews-Police-Have-Identified-Man-Who-Crashed-His-CarAccording to authorities, no motive has been established, and the inquiry is still underway.

The incident occurred approximately 24 hours before Fourth of July celebrations were set to begin on the National Mall.

Dessin is scheduled to appear in U.S. District Court on Monday, according to authorities.

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