Matt Damon and Ben Affleck Talk Collaborating “The Last Duel” on The Screenplay After More Than 20 Years

More than 20 years after winning an Academy Award for their screenplay “Good Will Hunting,” Matt Damon and Ben Affleck discuss what it was like to write together.

The lifelong friends, who won an Oscar for a best original screenplay in 1998, have teamed up again to co-write the screenplay for the forthcoming historical drama “The Last Duel,” this time with award-winning screenwriter Nicole Holofcener.

Because they are still fixtures in one other’s life, Affleck, who co-stars alongside Damon in the Ridley Scott-directed picture, said it didn’t seem like such a different writing process for him and Damon.

“It’s different because we’re different individuals who have matured a lot and gone through a lot, but it’s also not,” he remarked on Wednesday’s “Good Morning America.”

“I know it may appear from the outside like, well, they did something together back then, and now it’s so much later — but we’ve been friends, and it feels like we’ve worked together a lot merely because we consult one another, rely on one another, speak about issues, and watch each other’s movies.”

This time, Damon claimed, they were “more efficient.”

“This time, we had a deadline, and people were genuinely waiting for the screenplay, and we had a real writer with us, so it was quite different,” he said, referring to Holofcener.

“I believe having a female character is essential, and I was delighted to see that I was surprised them with things that they wouldn’t have thought of,” Holofcener, who received an Oscar nod for best-adapted screenplay for the 2018 film “Can You Ever Forgive Me?” said.

She said, “I’m pleased they invited me in.”

Affleck and Damon both mentioned their hometown sports club, the Boston Red Sox, during their visit to “GMA.”

On Friday, “The Last Duel” will be released in cinemas.

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