Thanksgiving Traditions Are Discussed by Thomas Rhett, Brett Young, and Carly Pearce

Many of your favorite country musicians have their own rituals when it comes to honoring Thanksgiving traditions.

Those customs for Thomas Rhett, Brett Young, and Carly Pearce range from feasting on favorite delicacies to reminiscing on significant events from the day.

Rhett says he enjoys taking on the responsibility of turkey preparation each year, turning it into a country experience with a barbecue and a drink in hand.

“I’m the turkey man when it comes to Thanksgiving. Food that has been smoked is one of my favorite things to do. I enjoy spending hours standing by the grill with a cool beer, watching a brisket smoke, preparing ribs, and so on “Rhett revealed this in an interview with Big Machine Label Group, his label. “I’m the man that does the turkeys around Thanksgiving, and it’s a job that I enjoy.”

While Rhett adores carving the turkey, Young is emphatic about one popular culinary dish that he despises: cranberry sauce.

The famous artist described how his grandmother, Bonnie, was meticulous about “massaging” the can of cranberry sauce when he was a child growing up in California.

“I’ll never forget one Thanksgiving when she expertly placed it on the dish, and while my father was delivering the blessing, my uncle Scott began smooshing it. Because he was spoiling the beautiful can-shaped cranberry, my grandmother stopped the prayer “During the interview, he said. “That irritates me. Fruit on meat is never a good idea in my opinion. As a result, cranberry sauce is never on my Thanksgiving table.”

Pearce, a label mate, said she’s grateful for all of her accomplishments this Thanksgiving, from releasing the highly praised album “29: Written in Stone” to winning the Female Vocalist title at the CMA Awards for the first time.

“This past year, so many of my dreams have come true in ways I never imagined possible, especially in one calendar year,” she said. “I’m simply heading into this holiday season feeling so joyful and appreciative for where I’m at in my life,” she says.

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