At Tokyo Olympics, Total Number Of Tested Positive With COVID-19 Cases Has Risen To 71

TOKYO, Japan — An American gymnast and a Czech beach volleyball player were added to the list of those who have tested positive with COVID-19 this month and are eligible for the Tokyo Olympics on Tuesday.

71 people have already tested positive, according to the Tokyo Olympics organizers. Thirty-one persons are among the tens of thousands of overseas tourists expected in Japan for the Games, which begin on Friday.

Positive tests were revealed Monday for US gymnastics alternate Kara Eaker and Czech team member Ondrej Perui. Perui remained at the Olympic Village in Tokyo Bay while Eaker was at a training camp in Chiba prefecture.

Both were placed on a 14-day quarantine, according to organizers. All three of Perui’s scheduled games with playing partner David Schweiner fall inside that time frame.

A “games-concerned personnel” — a category that includes team officials and sports workers — who is not staying in the village is one of the 13 additional cases added to the official count Tuesday.

Contractors for the Games and a volunteer are among the other new cases identified across Japan.

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