In China, Tesla Is Recalling 285,000 Cars To Fix The Cruise Control

According to Chinese officials, Tesla is recalling around 285,000 electric vehicles in China because the cruise-control feature can be unintentionally engaged, causing cars to accelerate quickly, posing a safety concern.

“There are possible safety concerns in extreme cases,” Tesla warned in a message to consumers on the Chinese social media site Weibo.

The recall affects 211,256 Model 3 sedans and 38,599 Model Y small crossover utility vehicles produced in China, as well as 35,665 Model 3s, imported from the United States, according to China’s market regulator. Between December 2019 and this month, the vehicles were built.

Tesla wants to update cruise-control software on its vehicles remotely, according to the regulator, saving owners the trouble of driving their cars to a company store. Tesla will notify customers whose vehicles cannot be repaired remotely, according to the company.

According to China’s State Administration for Market Regulation, drivers may unintentionally engage in cruise control under specific circumstances. If the vehicle is driving slower than the cruise control setting, the vehicle will accelerate, perhaps resulting in an accident.

Tesla’s Chinese subsidiaries contacted the agency “a few days ago” to request a recall, according to the regulator.

Tesla Inc., located in Palo Alto, California, did not immediately reply to requests for comment.

In the past, the firm has experienced difficulties in China, including claims of poor customer service. In April, a Tesla customer protested at a vehicle exhibition, claiming that her family’s Tesla’s defective brakes were to blame for a collision that put her parents in the hospital. Tesla apologized to the disgruntled customer and promised to learn from the event after originally blaming the driver.

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