Taylor Swift Pays Tribute to Shania Twain In New TikTok Video

Taylor Swift is using TikTok’s “Mama Said” trend to express her admiration for Shania Twain.lgnews-Shania-Twain-In-New-TikTok

Users on TikTok are utilizing Lukas Graham’s song “Mama Said” to signify that you’ve been given permission to do something, either literally or symbolically.

Swift, for example, has shared a video with the tagline “Country Girls Can’t Go Pop.” The lyric “Mama said it was O.K./Mama said it was quite all right” appears as she shrugs, and a picture of Shania Twain, the original country-turned-pop queen, appears in one of her iconic videos.

Then there’s a picture of Twain in a glittery costume, a picture of the two cuddlings, and a picture of them onstage at the American Music Awards.

Swift captioned the photo, “Learned from the greatest.”

“Still a little astonished that my song #mamasaid has gone viral all over the place half a decade after originally being published but my #mamasaiditwasok,” Lukas Graham tweeted a few days ago in response to the trend.

Oh, and while we’re on the subject of country gals going pop, Graham’s new single, “Call My Name,” is out now and features Mickey Guyton on backing vocals.

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