‘Tasmanian Devil Of Stand-Up’: Robin Williams’ Life And Legacy

“Stand-up comedy’s Tasmanian Devil.”

In the newest episode of ABC’s “Superstar,” Paula Poundstone celebrates Robin Williams, the famous comedian, and actor who inspired a generation of artists.

The documentary chronicles Williams’ ascent from a classically educated actor at The Juilliard School through his early stand-up days, and then to his international recognition as a movie star. It airs Wednesday at 10|9c on ABC and streams the next day on Hulu.

“There’s a joy that goes with finding that thing that you really love,” Williams remarked at the start of his stand-up career.

“And there’s a sense of fulfillment in knowing that “this is what I want to accomplish.” It’s an immensely strong sensation when you locate it and know it’s the one.”

The event includes a slew of other performers remarking on the comedian’s explosive ability and charisma, as well as a history of his life. Margaret Cho, Howie Mandel, Barry Levinson, Pauly Shore, Lewis Black, and others provide their perspectives on the comedic icon.

“At some point, you realize, ‘This is who the heck I am,'” says the narrator. Williams stated his opinion. “‘I’m shy,’ she says. I’m also a bit of a knucklehead. That’s me on the left. Computers are who I am. I am a runner. I am a performer. Being in love is who I am. ‘It’s all of this lovely stuff you say is your entire existence.'”

“Superstar,” an ABC series, chronicles the lives and careers of influential cultural icons. Whitney Houston, Kobe Bryant, John Ritter, and others have all been featured in previous editions.

On Hulu, you may see all of the episodes.

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