Johnson & Johnson Has Issued Sunscreen Recall Owing To Benzene Toxicity

Johnson & Johnson announced a recall of five of their sunscreen products on Wednesday after certain samples were discovered to have low quantities of benzene, a chemical that can cause cancer if exposed to it repeatedly.

Aveeno Protect + Refresh aerosol sunscreen and four Neutrogena sunscreen versions: Beach Defense aerosol sunscreen, CoolDry Sport aerosol sunscreen, Invisible Daily Defense aerosol sunscreen, and UltraSheer aerosol sunscreen are among the items impacted.

The recall affects all can sizes and sun protection factor (SPF) levels. The goods were sold in stores around the country.

The benzene was discovered during testing by the firm and an independent laboratory, according to the healthcare behemoth. It’s looking into how the chemical ended up in the items.

J&J is trying to remove all lots of the five items off shop shelves, according to the company. It advised users to cease using the sunscreens immediately and to contact J&J’s Consumer Care Center at 1-800-458-1673 for a refund. Neutrogena and Aveeno each have websites with further information.

“Use of these goods would not be expected to have significant health repercussions,” J&J said in a statement, adding that it voluntarily chose to recall them “out of an excess of caution.” People should apply an alternative sunscreen to prevent themselves from skin cancer melanoma, according to the warning.

Benzene is a highly flammable, extensively utilized chemical that may be found all over the world. With enough exposure at high enough levels, it can cause cancer. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it can also harm the immune system and hinder cells from working correctly.

Whether a person inhales, ingests, or receives the chemical on their skin and clothes has an impact on the chemical’s effects. Dizziness and irregular heartbeat are common symptoms, as can convulsions and, at very high levels, death.

The recall has been reported to the Food and Drug Administration by J&J, which is located in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

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