Farm Has Called The Cops On A Black Couple It Believes Stealing Six Apples

DANVERS, MASSACHUSETTS — After the family went public in a blog post, a Massachusetts tourist farm contacted the cops on a Black couple is suspected of stealing six apples.

According to the article, Manikka Bowman and Jeff Myers spent moreover $100 on entry, apple picking, lunch, and beverages at Connors Farm in Danvers on Labor Day.

Farm employees approached the Cambridge, Massachusetts, couple over six apples that could not fit inside the provided apple-picking bag.

They said the excess fruits were in their child’s pram and that they meant to pay for them at the farm store, where they also planned to purchase cider doughnuts.

Bowman, who is a vice-chair of the city’s education committee, claims that a security guard instead checked her handbag and that when the pair requested the farm owner’s contact information, the manager phoned the cops.

According to the couple, the responding officer accused them of “playing the racial card.”

“Connors Farm caused a scene by rushing to an assumption of stealing, harassing us and forcing our 7-year-old to burst into tears, agony that lasted far into the evening,” the pair wrote. “We’re left wondering whether it was ever about the apples?” says the narrator.

In a Facebook post on Thursday, the farm apologized to the family and promised that all employees will get “diversity, equality, and inclusion training.”

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