Southwest Airlines Was Momentarily Grounded After System Outage For The Second Time In 2 Days

Southwest Airlines aircraft was momentarily grounded for the second day in a row on Tuesday due to computer difficulties.

Southwest flights were grounded by the Federal Aviation Administration as the airline “fixed a reservation computer issue,” according to the agency. The ground halt was around 45 minutes long.

Southwest said it was restoring regular operations following “intermittent performance problems with our network connections,” according to a statement.

According to the statement, “Our Teams are working rapidly to minimize flight interruptions and Customer impact.” “As we try to get our customers to their destinations, we appreciate their patience.”

Southwest Airlines passengers’ flights were delayed for the second day in a row. Due to a problem with the company’s weather data source, flights were canceled on Monday.

“We’re looking into both situations,” the airline stated, “but there’s no reason to assume they’re connected.”

According to FlightAware, a website that analyses worldwide airline cancellations and other difficulties, Southwest had 1,418 delays and 489 cancellations on Tuesday. This was on top of the 1,398 delays the site reported the night before.

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