Birth Of Southern White Rhino Has Been Announced By The Florida Zoo!

TAMPA, Fla.  — A southern white rhino, the eighth to be born in Tampa as part of a conservation strategy, was born in a Florida zoo.

The kid was born last week to a 20-year-old rhino called Alake, according to ZooTampa at Lowry Park officials. The female calf has yet to be named, but both the newborn and the mother are doing well.

The zoo stated in a statement posted on its Facebook page Saturday that the newborn rhino looks to be robust and is feeding alongside her mother.

Ongava, the zoo’s lone adult male, was coupled with Alake. According to zoo authorities, their calf will join the crash, or group of rhinos, in the next weeks. The young rhino will be on display at the new Expedition Wild Africa attraction, which is due to open soon.

According to the zoo, the white rhino population had decreased to between 50 and 200 in the early twentieth century, but conservation initiatives increased the number to 20,400 in Africa. Because of habitat degradation and poaching for their horns, white rhinos are still considered near-threatened.

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