Southern California Teen Shoves Bear Off Wall To Protect Dogs In Backyard

A bear was pushed over a wall by a Southern California Teen after it got into an altercation with the family’s pets over the weekend.

The event was recorded on a house security camera in the San Gabriel Valley foothills, east of Los Angeles.

Hailey Morinico assumed her dogs were howling at other dogs or a squirrel, but it turned out they were howling at a bear and two cubs.

“‘Oh my God, there’s a bear, and it’s stealing my dog,’ I said. It’s pulling her off the ground,’ says the narrator.” NBC Los Angeles quoted Hailey as saying.

The bears are seen wandering on the wall outside the house in Bradbury, which is located near the Angeles National Forest and the San Gabriel Mountains.

The dogs charge at the bear and start barking, the cubs flee, and the bear looks to paw at and pick up a tiny dog before Hailey rushes in and pushes the bear off the opposite side of the wall.

“She’s the baby,” Hailey told the station of the dog the bear seized. “I have to keep the baby safe.”

According to Rebecca Barboza, a wildlife expert with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the bear is an adult American black bear that weighs around 150 pounds.

lgnews-Southern-California-Teen-Shoves3The bears are frequent in towns near their natural habitats, such as Bradbury, and the bears “very much utilize it as their home range” in urban areas where they are spotted, she added.

According to Barboza, the dogs seemed to have initiated the incident, and no action would be taken against the bear based on the footage.

She explained, “The bear was guarding her kids, and she was reacting to defend her kids, and the dogs, of course, were reacting to protect their area.”

lgnews-Southern-California-Teen-Shoves.2People should not approach a bear if it breaks into a residence, according to the wildlife department. People are urged to keep their distance and not approach a bear in a yard.

Barboza advises against approaching a bear, especially one with cubs. It’s a good idea to keep pets inside in bear-infested areas.

California’s black bear population is projected to be between 30,000 and 40,000, according to the state’s fish and wildlife agency. The exact number of people who reside in the Angeles National Forest is unknown, but Barboza said research is ongoing to try to figure it out.

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