Adolescent Form ‘Slender Man’ Will Be Freed From Mental Health Facility On Monday

Anissa Weier, one of the two 12-year-old girls accused of attacking a classmate to satisfy the imaginary figure “Slender Man,” will be freed from a mental institution on Monday. Weier is now 19 years old.

Weier and Morgan Geyser led Payton Leutner, another 12-year-old, into the woods in Waukesha, Wisconsin, where Geyser stabbed Leutner 19 times as Weier stood by and watched. Despite being transported to the hospital with life-threatening injuries, Leutner was able to live.

The terms of Weier’s release from Winnebago Mental Health Institute were granted by Judge Michael Bohren on Friday. The complete report on those circumstances has yet to be made public.

Weier was condemned to a maximum of 25 years in a psychiatric hospital in 2017.

Bohren studied various medical reports and a letter submitted by Weier at a court hearing in March. “At the Winnebago Mental Health Institute, I’ve used up all of the services accessible to me. I need to be a part of society if I am to become a productive member of society “Weier penned the piece.

Weier said in the letter that she has accepted the responsibility of “living with a mental illness” by “communicating with absolute transparency to my treatment team members, engaging fully in all parts of my treatment, and maintaining 100 percent medication adherence.”

Weier said, “I am sorry and truly regret the misery, pain, and terror I have caused,” and added, “I take full responsibility for my acts.”

“I promised myself after my crime that I would never be used as a weapon again,” she said in the letter.

In adult court, Geyser and Weier were charged with first-degree attempted deliberate murder. Weier pled guilty to a lesser crime and was judged not guilty by reason of mental illness or defect by a jury. Geyser pled guilty to the first-degree counts, and she was convicted but ruled not guilty by reason of mental sickness or defect in 2018, as part of her plea deal.

Geyser was given a maximum sentence of 40 years in a mental hospital. Her sentence was confirmed by a state appeals court last year.

Geyser and Weier said they killed Leutner to please the mythical character “Slender Man,” who is frequently represented online as a terror figure stalking youngsters, and to show that he was real.

After stabbing Leutner, Geyser and Weier abandoned him in the woods. Leutner, injured and bleeding, dragged herself out of the trees and into the open, where she might be found.

Dr. John Kelemen, who operated on Leutner that day, told ABC News in 2014, “If the knife had gone the breadth of a human hair farther, she wouldn’t have lived.”

Leutner told ABC News in a 2019 interview that she was doing well and that she hoped to “leave this behind me and live my life normally.”

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