The Actors Of ‘Sex And The City’ Pay Tribute To The Late Willie Garson

Willie Garson, star of “Sex and the City,” died at the age of 57, leaving Hollywood in grief.

Nathen Garson, the actor’s son, announced his father’s death on Tuesday by releasing a montage of his father’s photographs and videos. He penned, “Papa, I adore you so much. Rest in Peace, and I’m grateful you were able to share all of your travels with me and achieve so much. I’m really proud of you. I will always adore you, but I believe it is time for you to embark on your own adventure.”

Garson is most known for his roles as Stanford “Stanny” Blatch on “Sex and the City,” which he will reprise in the forthcoming revival “And Just Like That…”, and Mozzie on the USA series “White Collar.”

He has appeared in series such as “Hawaii Five-0,” “John From Cincinnati,” and others.

Max’s on HBO “Willie Garson was a loyal friend and a brilliant light for everyone in his universe in life, like on-screen,” wrote And Just Like That…” in a statement on Garson’s passing. He was a member of our family for over twenty-five years, and he created one of HBO’s most adored characters. We are heartbroken to learn of his death and send our heartfelt condolences to his family and friends.”

The cause of death has yet to be determined.

The actor’s death has sparked a flood of tributes. Here’s what some of his past co-stars and friends have said about him:

Nixon, Cynthia: “We are heartbroken by the loss of @WillieGarson. We all adored him and relished the opportunity to work with him. On-screen and in real life, he was inexhaustibly amusing. He was a beacon of light, camaraderie, and showbiz knowledge. He was always a consummate professional… Nathen Garson, his son, is in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you understand how much he loved you and how proud he was to be your father, Nathen.”

Kim Cattrall (Kim Cattrall): “Such heartbreaking news and a tragic loss for the SATC family. RIP, Willie xo, and our sympathies.”

Evan Handler (Evan): “This is a tragedy for the whole #SATC #AJLT family, as well as Willie’s family and the globe at large. Willie was a royal, the Mayor of every organization he’d ever been a part of, and, most importantly, a father. My heart aches for his child. He’s a consummate comedian. Thank you very much.”

Mia Farrow (actor): “@WillieGarson, may you rest in peace. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.”

Mario Cantone (interviewer): “I couldn’t have asked for a better TV companion. I’m heartbroken and overcome with sadness. We will all be taken away from each other very soon. The gods sent you to us as a gift. Rest in peace, my dear buddy. I’m in love with you.”

Rob Morrow: I’m Rob Morrow “#WillieGarson, our lovely buddy, has died away. Rest peacefully, dear spirit.”

Matt Bomer (actor): “Willie’s name is Willie. I’m not sure what you’re talking about. And it’s not even close to being equitable. You taught me so much about courage, resilience, and love over the last year. I still can’t imagine a world without you in it, where I won’t be able to contact you when I need to laugh or be inspired. When we said our goodbyes, you pulled down your mask (which I despise), smiled, and winked at me. I know it wasn’t a reflection of your suffering, but it was a reflection of all you were and are to me: someone who raised me up, made me better, and always, always made me smile. This also served as a reminder of the strength of our White Collar family. We were all there to support Willie and one another. Willie Garson, I will always adore you. Your White Collar family is always here for Nathen, and you will always be in our hearts and minds. You know I want to sit at your table up there, so save a spot for me.”

Eigenberg, David: “Willie…the sweetest, most gorgeous man on the planet. There isn’t another option. Good night, dear friend. You will be remembered for the rest of your life.”

Titus Welliver: I’m Titus Welliver, and I’m “There are no words to describe it. Dear brother, I adore you. We are a smaller group.”

Julie Bowen (Julie Bowen) “This makes my heartache. Willie Garson, a buddy who loved me even when I was at my worst (and always told me so), has passed away. Fatty, farewell. I will always adore you.”

Kevin McHale: I’m Kevin McHale, and I’m “Willie is a character in the film Willie Willie Willie, I’m devastated that you’re no longer among us. Every room you entered was filled with your presence. Your kindness and generosity with your time and love for me, my friends, and my family were always much appreciated (or maybe you did). It was surreal to see how much you cared for Nathen. Thank you for bringing us into your life and for being one of the few individuals I felt comfortable enough to visit throughout the epidemic, even if it was only over a tennis net. Please continue to spew nonsense at whichever poker table you’re at right now. Willie, I adore you.”

Jason Alexander (JASON): “Willie Garson, the great actor, has passed away. A kind, witty, and compassionate man, as well as a terrific actor. It was far too soon. Take it easy. #ripwilliegarson”

Lowe, Chad: “Regrettably, this is correct… Willie Garson passed away. He was incredibly gifted, dedicated to social justice, and adored by a large number of people. But above all, he was a wonderful, caring parent. He is going to be sadly missed.”

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