If The Roku Standoff Ends, Google Is Introducing YouTube TV Links To The YouTube Platform ‘Within The Next Few Days”

Because of the industries’ standoff, Google has devised a workaround for YouTube TV users who are unable to download the product from Roku’s shop. After the deal to hold Google’s streaming service expired last week, Roku pulled the game.

Current Roku users should be able to view YouTube TV from inside the YouTube app “over the next few days,” according to Google. Established members can see a “Go to YouTube TV” request in the main YouTube app until the update is enabled.

Google said in an online article that it will make YouTube TV more accessible from YouTube applications on more smartphones. “We’re working with other partners to secure free streaming devices in case YouTube TV members face any connectivity problems on Roku,” the company said.

Google confirmed that it is still working on a carriage deal with Roku. “At this time, current YouTube TV subscribers will still use the service on Roku smartphones,” the company added.

The battle pits Google against the leading streaming software manufacturer. Roku was critical of Google’s strategy. In a comment to Global News, the video technology manufacturer said, “Google’s activities are the direct behavior of an unregulated monopolist intent on crushing equal competition and hurting customer preference.”

“Roku has not requested any extra monetary benefit from YouTubeTV,” the firm said in a tweet. “We’ve actually asked Google to stop engaging in anti-competitive activities such as exploiting consumer search results for their own commercial gain, and to stop requesting confidential details that no other collaborator on our website currently has access to.” As a result, Google has managed to use its YouTube monopoly to bully an individual competitor into an arrangement that is both horrible for customers and bad for fair competition.”

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