Pandemic Restrictions Are Being Tightened In Australia On The Deadliest Day Of The Epidemic

CANBERRA, Australia — As pandemic restrictions tightened in other areas of the nation, Australia’s most populous state recorded its worst day of the epidemic on Monday, with 478 new infections and seven COVID-19 fatalities.

On Saturday, New South Wales set a new daily record with 466 new cases recorded.

Two of the victims had only gotten one injection of a two-shot vaccination. The others, according to Premier Gladys Berejiklian of New South Wales, were unvaccinated.

By Saturday, just 26% of Australians aged 16 and above had been completely vaccinated. The emergence of the delta form is particularly hazardous in Australia since it has one of the slowest vaccination rollouts among rich countries.

Australia’s first shipment of 1 million Pfizer doses from Poland landed in Sydney the next day.

The government said that those aged 16 to 39 in Sydney’s worst-affected areas will get 530,000 of the additional doses. This age group was mostly responsible for the virus’s propagation.

The rising illnesses, according to Berejiklian, are due to citizens’ failure to comply with the city’s lockdown limitations and stay-at-home directives.

“The case numbers are alarmingly high, and we are at a crossroads,” Berejiklian added.

“When people stay at home and don’t travel about unless it’s absolutely necessary, the numbers will drop. We won’t see a decrease in case numbers until we see that,” she added.

On Monday, Melbourne reported 22 new illnesses. Despite the far lesser problem, Victoria state Premier Danial Andrews claimed Melbourne, Australia’s second-largest city after Sydney, has reached a “tipping point” in its fight to eradicate all diseases.

The lockdown, which was supposed to expire on Thursday, was extended until September 2nd, with a 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew starting on Tuesday.

People who remove their face masks to drink alcohol in public are subject to stricter regulations. This came after a social media-advertised “Walk. Talk. Sip” event, which urged people to go from bar to pub in Richmond’s suburbs with takeaway beverages throughout the weekend.

Andrews added, “We’ve seen people transform the walkway into an impromptu beer garden and undertake pub crawls.” “We’ve seen a lot of individuals break these guidelines, not do what they should, and make extremely bad decisions.”

After reporting 19 new illnesses on Monday, the national capital Canberra prolonged a lockdown that was supposed to expire this week until Sept. 2. The virus originated in Sydney, but officials are unsure how it spread.

Since Canberra’s lockdown on Thursday last week, when the first case was discovered, there have been a total of 28 cases reported.

Because of a single case discovered on Monday, the Northern Territory imposed a three-day lockdown.

Officials claimed the American male, in his 30s, tested positive in Katherine, Northern Territory, where he had been for work.

Katherine and Darwin, the capital of the Northern Territory, where he spent three days last week, will be closed until Thursday. People are only permitted to leave their houses for vital purposes and must wear masks when doing so.

After a limousine driver was infected while driving a U.S. aircrew from Sydney Airport and tested positive on June 16, the New South Wales government was chastised for waiting ten days before shutting down Sydney.

Because of recent illnesses identified in remote areas and viruses found in wastewater north and west of Sydney, the state of New South Wales has been completely shut down since Saturday.

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