North Korea Threatens Top UN Body

SEOUL, South Korea — In a statement issued Sunday, North Korea Threatens the United Nations Security Council against criticizing the isolated country’s missile technology, as well as making other threats against the international organization.

During an emergency closed-door meeting of the United Nations’ highest body on Friday, France circulated a draught statement expressing worry over North Korea’s missile launches and urging it to fully execute UN Security Council resolutions prohibiting such launches.

A top North Korean Foreign Ministry official, Jo Chol Su, warned the United Nations Security Council on Sunday that it “had better ponder what repercussions it will bring in the future if it tries to intrude upon the sovereignty” of North Korea.

The UN organization was also accused of having a “double-dealing standard,” according to Jon. A statement released by state media, it does not take issue with similar weapons testing conducted by the United States and its allies.

North Korea restarted missile testing in September after a six-month break, firing newly built missiles with nuclear-capable warheads that put South Korea and Japan, both major US allies, within striking reach. South Korea was still promised conditional discussions, which some analysts believe was an attempt to put pressure on Seoul to urge Washington to lift crushing economic sanctions against it.

North Korea is prohibited from engaging in any ballistic missile activity by numerous UN Security Council resolutions, as the regime intends to place nuclear weapons on its ballistic missiles. North Korea has claimed that its nuclear program is necessary to counter US military threats, despite the fact that the US has said that it has no hostile intentions against Pyongyang.

Despite its recent tests, North Korea has declared a self-imposed embargo on developing a long-range missile capable of striking the American mainland in 2018, indicating that it still hopes to engage in future talks with the US.

lgnews-North-Korea-Threatens-Top-UN-Body.gif22Officials from the United States have urged North Korea to resume talks without preconditions, but the North has stated that it will not do so unless the Americans abandon their nuclear weapons program “In an apparent reference to the sanctions and regular military drills between Washington and Seoul, he said, “hostile policy.”

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