New York Librarian Has Been Charged With Bank Robbery

According to police in a New York City suburb, a local Librarian was arrested after she reportedly robbed a bank one block away from the library.

Mary Thompson, 56, was arrested and charged with robbery in the first degree after allegedly handing a teller at a Chase Bank a note that read, “Give me $100,000, I have a gun.”

Thompson reportedly made off with $7,000, according to police.

The bank is about a block away from Thompson’s place of employment, the New Rochelle Public Library. Thompson was appointed acting head librarian of the children’s department in 2018, according to an online paper.

Thompson was arrested outside the bank “without incident,” according to New Rochelle police.

An employee of the New Rochelle Public Library declined to comment when contacted by phone.

“Mary Thompson is an employee of our library,” Thomas Geoffino, director of the New Rochelle Public Library, said in a statement. “She is adored by both her coworkers and library patrons. At this time, we have no further comment.”

Thompson did not immediately respond to an NBC News request for comment.

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