Residents In Eastern Congo Are Concerned About New Case Of Ebola Outbreak

BENI, Congo — Residents of Beni, in eastern Congo, voiced worry on Saturday after learning of a new case of Ebola, barely five months after the nation proclaimed the last outbreak, which killed six people in the region, over.

According to the country’s Health Ministry and the National Institute of Biomedical Research, the case was recorded in eastern Congo.

After exhibiting different Ebola-related symptoms, a nearly 3-year-old kid was admitted to the Butsili hospital in Beni. According to the research institute and the government that made the statement Friday, he died on Oct. 6 and tested positive for Ebola.

According to the government, some 100 persons who may have been exposed have been identified and will be monitored.

Maurice Mutsunga, an Ebola survivor, thinks that Congo’s experience with the illness would assist to swiftly control its spread.

“When an epidemic begins, people tend to overlook it, downplay its impact, and cast doubt on its existence. And that’s what we paid a high price for,” Mutsunga explained. “People are already well-informed about Ebola, and we anticipate they will cooperate together with response personnel to put the outbreak under control,” he continued.

Others are less hopeful, fearing a fresh epidemic since the country’s healthcare system is failing and coping with other challenges.

“Because of Ebola, COVID-19, and instability, I’m frightened and afraid.” We have no idea how to live in Beni. “Beni is no longer habitable,” remarked Joel Mambo, a local.

Basil was one of the epicenters of the 2018–2020 Ebola outbreak in eastern Congo, which was the world’s second-worst, killing over 2,300 people, according to the World Health Organization.

WHO stated in a statement that it is working with local authorities to examine the latest Ebola case, and that rare occurrence are not “uncommon” after a large epidemic.

It’s unclear if the latest case is linked to the 2018-2020 outbreak or the earlier this year outbreak, which claimed the lives of six individuals over a few months. Since 1976, when the virus was first detected in the conflict-torn country, Congo has had 12 Ebola outbreaks.

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