Netanyahu Has Moved Out Of His Jerusalem House As Prime Minister

JERUSALEM — Benjamin Netanyahu and his family left the Israeli prime minister’s official house early Sunday, nearly a month after the longstanding leader was forced to resign when an alternative cabinet was formed.

The Netanyahus departed their home on Balfour Street in Jerusalem soon after midnight, according to a timetable agreed upon last month with newly elected Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, according to a family spokesperson.

For most of the previous year, the Balfour home had been a symbol of the Netanyahus’ misdeeds, and it had been the site of weekly rallies against Netanyahu. Demonstrators demanded that the then-prime minister resign despite facing a corruption prosecution. Netanyahu has vehemently rejected any wrongdoing and has refused to resign.

Netanyahu was Israel’s longest-serving prime minister, having served for the previous 12 years plus a brief period in the 1990s, and has lived at the Prime Minister’s home since 2009.

Bennett has yet to set a date for his move into the house.

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