Megan Fox Discusses The Misconceptions About Her That The Public Has About Her

Megan Fox didn’t hold back in a recent interview on her mental health, openly addressing how she overcome a “very significant eating issue.”

The “Transformers” actress spoke up about her complex connection with body image and self-love to CR Fashion Book for its upcoming CR PARADE edition.

She remarked, “I came into the world bright, sunny, and cheerful.” “However, I went through some childhood trauma and had a very serious eating disorder and manic mania, both of which run in my family, so there was certainly some chemical imbalance going on.”

Fox, 35, compared her internal conflict to the character actress played in the 2009 film “As I got into my early 20s, that hell-hath-no-fury, a woman scorned monster did grow up in me,” Jennifer told the magazine.

I did use that archetype a few times as well.”

“That’s kind of what you see in Jennifer [from ‘Jennifer’s Body’] — that type of evil streak that may exist if you link yourself with that old energy,” she explained.

“I had always known that I was clever, so it was odd to have that one thing taken away from me now that I’m famous,” Fox said of what the public gets wrong about her, partially because she has been typecast as the vacuous and beautiful love interest in movies.

“When I was younger, I thought that being clever was the only thing I had going for me. I never identified with being attractive or popular; I was none of these things “she said, “Having all of these other reasons for people to notice me, all of which I don’t agree with or believe in, and then having the one thing about myself that I do believe in taken away has been really difficult.”

However, she has now met someone who genuinely understands her: lover Machine Gun Kelly. “Our spirit, our souls are linked on that higher dimension,” Fox stated of their bond.

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