Major League Baseball’s Loosens COVID Restrictions, Drops Masks For Vaccinated

NEW YORK — Under the most recent update to Major League Baseball’s coronavirus guidelines, all fully vaccinated players and personnel can cease wearing masks in dugouts, bullpens, and clubhouses.

In addition, properly vaccinated players and staff may eat in restaurants without limitation and attend athletic events as spectators at venues that follow government-approved safety measures, according to a message released Wednesday night by the commissioner’s office and the players’ association.

Compliance officers are no longer required to accompany teams on travels, and Kinexon electronic tracing devices and monitor testing are being phased out.

For team buses containing fully vaccinated players and personnel, social distancing and mask restrictions have been abolished, and players and staff can now arrive at clubhouses more than five hours before game time.

Unvaccinated or partly vaccinated players and staff must still wear masks, although it is not a violation to remove or take down the mask to eat or drink momentarily, before entering or exiting a shower, or at the discretion of the medical or training personnel.

All teams were able to eradicate social distance in the clubhouse after achieving an 85 % vaccination rate among tier 1 persons such as players, managers, coaches, and training personnel. As of last Friday, 22 of the 30 teams have achieved an 85% tier 1 individual participation rate.

Restrictions on team members dining together were also lifted, however, non-vaccinated people must still wear masks when they are not eating or drinking.

Unless they develop COVID-19 symptoms or are known to have been exposed, fully vaccinated players and personnel can continue commercial travel without PCR intake testing when they rejoin the squad. Unvaccinated or partially vaccinated family members are permitted to travel with fully vaccinated players and staff, and players and staff are permitted to use hotel pools and fitness centres, with the caveat that masks are required in public fitness centres and physical separation is required in pools.

Free agents and players chosen to a team’s 40-man roster who had not previously participated in the COVID testing programme were exempt from the five-day quarantine.

The Seattle Mariners announced on Thursday that T-Mobile Park would reopen to full capacity on July 2, making them the 29th of 30 clubs to do so.

Only Texas started this season at 100 % because coronavirus prevented fans from attending the abbreviated 2020 regular season.

Atlanta (May 7), Arizona (May 25), Boston (May 29), Kansas City (May 31), Baltimore (June 1), Cincinnati, and Cleveland have all announced that they will expand to full capacity during the season (June 2). The Chicago Cubs play in Philadelphia on June 4th, Detroit on June 8th, and the Los Angeles Dodgers play in Washington on June 11th, Philadelphia on June 12th, and St. Louis on June 14th (June 16). The Los Angeles Angels and San Diego Padres (June 17), New York Yankees (June 18), New York Mets (June 21), Chicago White Sox, Houston, Milwaukee, and San Francisco Giants (June 25), Colorado (June 28), Oakland (June 29), Pittsburgh (July 1), and Minnesota and Tampa Bay Twins (July 1). (July 5).

Only Toronto’s capacity will not be restored. Due to coronavirus limitations imposed by the Canadian government, the Blue Jays have not played in Toronto since 2019. They went 17-9 last season in their Triple-A affiliate’s field in Buffalo, New York, and then went 10-11 this season at their spring training facility in Dunedin, Florida, until May 24, when they returned to Buffalo. They’ll be playing at home in Buffalo until at least July 21.

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