Lady Gaga And Tony Bennett Capture Studio Excitement In ‘Love For Sale’

The video for Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett’s song “Love for Sale” has been released.

The film follows the musicians as they record the Cole Porter song, which was first published in 1930 as part of the Broadway show “The New Yorkers.”

Gaga makes it more like a show than just singing into a microphone, dancing beside Tony while they sing, and surrounded by close-up views of the large band.

“We nailed that ending, we stuck it,” Gaga says towards the end of the song, hugging her pals as the session comes to a close.

The title tune from Gaga and Bennett’s latest collaboration album, “Love for Sale,” is a rendition of a jazz standard.

It’s the album’s second single, after “I Get a Kick Out of You.”

Following his family’s admission that he has been coping with Alzheimer’s disease since 2016, this will be Bennett’s final studio album.

On October 1st, “Love for Sale” will be released.

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