Facebook And Instagram To Let Users Hide Like Counts

Let Users Hide Like Counts:  Instagram users will soon be able to hide like counts on their photos, according to a Facebook announcement on Wednesday. The move is intended to address persistent concerns about mental health and users seeking validation via involvement with their photos.

Instagram has previously begun testing the feature, which it described as an attempt to “depressurize people’s Instagram experience.” In the following weeks, Facebook users will be able to access it as well.

“We heard from users and experts that not seeing like counts was good for some but unpleasant for others, especially when people use like counts to gain a sense of what’s hot or popular,” the business wrote in a blog post.

lgnews-Facebook-And-InstagramUsers will be able to conceal the number of likes on posts they view as well as their own.

On and off social media, the impact of Instagram likes on users’ mental health has been a widely disputed issue. Memes like “Instagram vs. Reality” have highlighted how influencers and normal users manipulate their lives to match the app’s aesthetic, and how self-worth and validation have been linked to the number of likes a post receives.

Some experts believe that concealing likes might help users’ mental health, while others claim that the damage has already been done.

Facebook said that it is partnering on a new Instagram Guide with the JED Foundation, a mental health and suicide prevention group that focuses on youth, as well as creators like Bunny Michael (@bunnymichael) and Schuyler Bailar (@pinkmantaray).

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