Southwest Passenger Accused Of Knocking Out Flight Attendant’s Two Teeth Banned From Airline

Southwest has barred a passenger from traveling with the airline after he Knocking Out Flight Attendant’s, causing her to lose two teeth.

Vyvianna Quinonez is now “barred from ever traveling on Southwest Airlines again,” a Southwest official told NBC News on Friday.

He stated, “She has been notified that this decision is definitive.”

Quinonez, 28, allegedly punched a flight attendant during a quarrel on a trip from Sacramento to San Diego on Sunday, according to witnesses. Southwest stated women “repeatedly disobeyed routine inflight directives and became verbally and physically violent upon landing,” according to a statement.

The flight attendant was taken to Scripps Memorial Hospital for treatment by paramedics.

The flight attendant was “severely attacked, resulting in damage to the face and the loss of two teeth,” according to Lyn Montgomery, president of the Transport Workers Union of America Local 556. Her identity and condition have not been revealed by Southwest.

At the gate, police greeted the jet and Quinonez.

According to a statement from the Port of San Diego Harbor Police Department, she was detained and brought to the Las Colinas Detention Facility on a charge of violence inflicting severe bodily harm.

It’s unknown whether she has retained legal counsel.

Susan Stidham, a passenger on the trip, claimed the mainly full trip was uneventful until the jet was taxiing and the assault began. The flight attendant’s face, she claimed, was covered with blood.

Montgomery’s letter to Southwest’s CEO was intended to solicit assistance as airline passengers have gotten increasingly rowdy.

“The extraordinary number of occurrences has reached an untenable level,” Montgomery wrote, “with passenger non-compliance events becoming increasingly hostile in nature.”

The Federal Aviation Administration issued a warning to air travelers earlier this month, stating that there has been an increase in unruly or dangerous behavior on passenger flights.

The organization hears 100 to 150 official cases of inappropriate passenger conduct in a normal year. According to the FAA, that figure has risen to 2,500 since the beginning of the year, with roughly 1,900 passengers refusing to comply with the federal mask requirements.

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