NKoreans Are Heartbroken By Kim’s ‘Emaciated Looks,’ According To State Tv

SEOUL, South Korea — State media reported a local resident as stating that heartbroken North Koreans have been worried deeply about leader Kim’s ‘Emaciated Looks,’ in a rare recognition of international conjecture over his weight loss.

According to some analysts, the statements were made to increase domestic support for Kim’s efforts as he deals with growing economic woes brought on by the COVID-19 epidemic, mismanagement, UN economic sanctions, and natural catastrophes.

On Friday, North Korean official television quoted an unnamed male resident wearing a straw hat as stating, “Our people’s hearts grieved the most when we witnessed (Kim’s) gaunt appearance.” “Everyone claims that their tears are naturally welling up in their eyes.”

Kim appears to have dropped a significant amount of weight in recent official media pictures. Kim, who stands around 170 centimeters (5 feet, 8 inches) tall and weighs 140 kilograms (308 pounds), may have shed 10-20 kilos, according to some North Korean observers (22-44 pounds).

Outside observers are paying close attention to Kim’s health since the 37-year-old leader has yet to appoint a successor to command North Korea’s growing nuclear arsenal, which is aimed at the United States and its allies if he becomes disabled.

Kim is believed to have gone on a diet to enhance his health, according to some experts in Seoul, while others suggest that his weight reduction might be connected to health concerns.

Kim comes from a family with a history of cardiac issues and is known for binge drinking and smoking. His grandpa and father, who both governed North Korea before him, died of heart problems.

In recent months, Kim has called for greater unity to overcome what he refers to as North Korea’s “worst-ever” crisis, which he attributes to pandemic-related border closures that have severely harmed North Korea’s international trade, as well as persistent US-led sanctions and crop-killing summer storms last year.

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