Kacey Musgraves Said Her Record “Star-Crossed” Helped Her Deal With Her Heartbreak

Kacey Musgraves is excited for the release of her fifth studio album, “Star-Crossed,” on Friday and explained in a new interview how healthy it was for her to pour her heart into crafting it.

According to Zane Lowe of Apple Music 1, the Grammy winner’s new album is a “rebirth” and a “blank slate.”

Musgraves’ forthcoming album serves as a journal, providing listeners with snapshots of her various feelings following the breakup of her three-year marriage to fellow singer Ruston Kelly.

“I feel like the previous year has been the five stages of grieving,” she said, describing how she went through anger, despair, and loneliness before arriving at “excitement and optimism for the future.”

“Healing is not linear,” Musgraves remarked, adding, “it’s extremely up and down, it comes in waves, and you just have to cling on through it.”

“Through this whole affair, I’ve learned a lot about control,” she said. “You’d think letting go would send you even farther down the rabbit hole, but I believe if you can learn to accept it a little bit…been it’s great.”

Above all, Musgraves claims that writing “Star-Crossed” helped her to heal and move on from her grief.

“It sent me back to square one in terms of trying to understand myself,” she added. “I’m grateful for the chance to acknowledge the connection, appreciate the love I had, but move on and be better,” she says.

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