Jason Momoa Reveals A New ‘Aquaman’ Suit: ‘Second Round. A New Suit Has Been Bought. ‘More Activity.’

Jason Momoa, the star of “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom,” recently gave fans something to look forward to.

On Instagram, the actor posted a shot of himself donning the new “Aquaman” costume for the highly anticipated sequel, which is set to reach theaters on December 16, 2022.

The first photo in Arthur Curry’s Sunday post showed him in his original orange and green outfit, while the second shot shows him in his new, darker “stealth suit.”

Momoa said in the caption of his Instagram photo, “The second round has begun. A new suit has been purchased. More action is required. #aquaman “

James Wan, the film’s director, also posted a photo of the new dark blue costume beside the original. In his piece, he goes into further detail regarding the upgraded version’s impact.

He captioned his image, “Here are @prideofgypsies in the original #Aquaman suit AND a sneak peek at his other outfit – the stealth suit.” “Atlantean technology relies on the capacity of cephalopods to blend in. The ‘blue suit’ of the 1980s influenced David Leslie Johnson and me.”

“Aquaman,” which was released in 2018, was a huge hit. It was the first film in the DC Extended Universe to gross $1 billion worldwide.

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