Israeli Military Claims To Conducted Airstrike On Gaza In Response To Incendiary Balloons

The Israeli military said early Wednesday that its jets attacked Gaza compounds after officials reported Hamas had fired incendiary balloons into Israel, the first such incident since the two sides agreed to a cease-fire last month after 11 days of combat.

“Warplanes raided Hamas military complexes in Khan Yunis and Gaza districts a short time ago, which were utilized as camps and meeting locations for terrorist operatives,” a spokesperson for the Israel Defense Forces, or IDF, said Wednesday on Twitter, according to a translation. “Inside the facilities, terrorist operations have occurred.”

The airstrikes, according to the IDF, were in reaction to shots fired from the region toward Israeli land.

In a tweet, the IDF stated, “The IDF is prepared for all eventualities, including fresh warfare, in the face of the continuance of terrorist activities originating” from Hamas, while also showing video of the hit.

Hundreds of Israelis marched through east Jerusalem on Tuesday, some screaming “Death to Arabs,” according to the Associated Press. According to the Associated Press, Palestinians in Gaza retaliated by flying incendiary balloons, which frequently included Molotov cocktails or other flammable devices, causing at least 10 fires in southern Israel.

There were no deaths in the airstrikes, according to reports from the region’s media. According to the Associated Press, Palestinians saw the march as a provocation, while Hamas urged Palestinians to “resist” it in order to avoid another conflict.

lgnews-Israeli-Military-Claims2After 12 years in power and three more before that, an unexpected alliance came together to remove Benjamin Netanyahu as Israel’s prime minister, making him the country’s longest-serving leader.

For the first time in more than a decade, Netanyahu and his right-wing Likud party were forced to join the opposition after the new administration was sworn in this month.

Bennett, a right-winger and former protégé of Netanyahu will be the next prime minister, serving for the first two years of the new government’s tenure. He’ll subsequently give over the reins to Yair Lapid, the moderate Yesh Atid party’s leader.

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