“I’d Love To Play Superman Again,” Henry Cavill Added. It Is Still In The Closet,’ He Says.

In all, Henry Cavill has played Superman four times: in 2013’s “Man of Steel,” 2016’s “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” and 2017’s “Justice League,” which was re-cut and re-released as Zack Snyder’s “Justice League” in 2021.

However, the actor recently told The Hollywood Reporter that he’d like to try again.

He revealed, “The cape is still in the closet.”

At the end of “Man of Steel,” the British actor of Netflix’s “The Witcher,” said he felt he was only scratching the surface of the character, which was significantly better received critically than Warner Bros.’ comic movie follow-ups, with the exception of Snyder’s do-over.

“Like a Superman, there’s still a lot of narratives for me to accomplish, and I’d welcome the opportunity,” Cavill added. “The killing of Zod provides a cause for the character never to murder again,” he explained, citing the finale of Man of Steel.

“I don’t think it was in the original screenplay for Superman to fall to the ground and scream, but I wanted to portray how much anguish he was in. I did a lot more emotional take that they didn’t pick; tears were streaming down my face “Cavell went on to say. “After that, there’s a chance to examine Superman’s psychology as a profound, apparently invulnerable god-like person with actual feelings on the inside.”

Cavill’s future as the gravity-defying hero is still up in the air, officially.

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