‘Enough’: Biden Renews Calls For Gun Control Bill After San Jose Rail Yard Shooting

In the latest mass shooting at a Northern California rail yard on Wednesday, President Joe Biden urged Congress to implement a tighter Gun Control Bill.

“I have the somber job of ordering the flag to be lowered to half-staff once again, only weeks after doing so in the aftermath of mass killings at spas in and around Atlanta, a grocery store in Boulder, Colorado, a house in Rock Hill, South Carolina, and a FedEx plant in Indianapolis, Indiana,” Biden said in a statement.

Authorities said a public transportation employee opened fire on coworkers at the downtown San Jose rail yard on Wednesday, killing nine people before committing suicide. According to law enforcement authorities, the gunman was identified as Samuel Cassidy, a Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority employee.

Over the previous year, gun sales have reached new highs, and gun violence has increased across the country.

“While many specifics about this new mass massacre remain unknown, there are a few things we do know.” Before the ninth death was confirmed, Biden declared in a statement that “at least eight families will never be whole again.” “There are children, parents, and spouses waiting to learn if someone they care about will ever return home. There are union brothers and sisters who are mourning the loss of their own – nice, honest, hardworking individuals.

“Enough,” he said.

lgnews-Biden-Renews-Calls-For-Gun2Once again, I implore Congress to act quickly and hear the cry of the American people, including the great majority of gun owners, to help stop America’s gun violence epidemic.” Every life lost to a gunshot pierces the heart of our country. More can and must be done.”

In his first joint speech to Congress last month, Biden called on Congress to take action on gun regulation, including banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, as well as addressing background check loopholes. He added at the time, “This shouldn’t be a red or blue problem.”

Legislators, on the other hand, appear to be at odds about enacting meaningful reforms. Biden reiterated that appeal in his statement on Wednesday.

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