Gabrielle Union Discusses How She Instills Racism In Her Children

Following the killing of George Floyd last May, Gabrielle Union, like many other Black moms, found herself discussing racism with her children.

The “Bring It On” actress and her husband Dwyane Wade have a 2-year-old daughter named Kaavia. She also shares custody of Zaire, 19, Zaya, 14, and Xavier, the NBA legend’s three children from prior marriages.

Union spoke to Health about having those difficult talks with her children.

“You simply want to offer them hope and keep the embers of hope alive. We were, however, late. They were also unprepared “She told the publication. “This is especially true when you have hope and believe in the American ideal of hard effort and being a decent person. You believe that if you just follow all of these rules, you will find yourself in this promised land of milk and honey. Then [your children] say, ‘I did it.’ It’s also vinegar. ‘You said…’ As a result, we’ve had to change our strategy, particularly in the last year.”

“With the older students, we speak about how the world is changing, not necessarily transforming, but at least accepting some realities that we’ve known for 400 years,” the 48-year-old added. “Although various people may say different things, the evidence is always in the pudding. You must keep an eye on their behavior.”

Speaking with Zaya, who is transgender, is more difficult, according to the actor, since “there are so many barriers for her and her life.”

“‘We’re not going to leave you on the road by yourself,’ we can only say. We’ll be right there. But that’s how it is. And it’s quite OK to be startled, upset, and surprised when individuals you believed you could trust aren’t,’ “Union clarified the situation.

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