Workers At A Florida Restaurant Get A $10,000 Tip From A Diner

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — A diner at a north Florida restaurant assembled the ten-person crew to praise them for their hard work before leaving a $10,000 tip for them to split.

According to the Gainesville Sun, it happened last Tuesday night while the guy, his wife, and his kid were finishing their supper at the Wahoo Seafood Grill.

The owner of Wahoo, Shawn Shepherd, told the newspaper that he received a call from his staff that night informing him of the huge tip. His initial reaction was to be skeptical.

Shepherd instructed the employee who contacted to double-check his ID and the name on the back of his credit card.

However, the transaction was approved by the restaurant’s point-of-sale system. Shepherd claimed he returned the next day to double-check that the money was still there.

Shepherd told the Sun, “Watching these people get their cheque was nearly as nice as Christmas morning.”

He expressed his gratitude to the customer, saying that his workers had remained loyal to the business during the epidemic.

Ashley Green, who was called into work that day, was one of many who benefited from the large tip. She had lately gone through a difficult period due to her daughter’s illness.

“She’s had a difficult month and hasn’t been able to work. The kid has been in and out of the hospital on several occasions. Shepherd stated, “It’s been a really difficult period for her.”

Shepherd claimed he temporarily shuttered the Wahoo because of the coronavirus epidemic and lost $30,000 in food.

“I didn’t know anything about curbside pickup, delivery, or takeaway. That was something we hadn’t anticipated. Shepherd says, “We didn’t even have the containers to accomplish it.”

The Florida Restaurant Lodging Association and the Alachua County Chamber of Commerce were particularly helpful, he said, in securing emergency money to pay the staff. In May, he reopened the Wahoo.

He said he owes his staff thanks for helping to keep the business viable during difficult times.

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