Biden Floors Electric Ford Truck In Test Drive As He Pushes Infrastructure Plan!

President Joe Biden pushed Electric Ford Truck from Dearborn, Michigan, on Tuesday as part of his infrastructure agenda and vision for a greener future, and in pitching the convenience of electric, he gave the public a rare glimpse of a president behind the wheel.

Biden pulled up to reporters while test-driving Ford’s F-150 Lightning pickup during an unscheduled stop at a Ford testing site and said, “This sucker is fast.”

Biden drove the electric truck around a vacant lot while wearing his classic aviator sunglasses, telling reporters it “feels amazing” to be behind the wheel and responding, “I will,” when asked if he would buy one. Along with the president, one Secret Service agent sat in the passenger seat.

“I believe we’ll go from zero to sixty in around 4.3 to 4.4 seconds,” Biden said before showing how fast the car can accelerate by pretending to press the gas button all the way to the floor. At 80 mph, he said he’d let go of the gas pedal.

When asked by ABC News Chief White House Correspondent Cecilia Vega if she could ask him a question about Israel before driving away, Biden laughed, “No, you won’t be able to. You can’t get in front of the car until you get in front of it when I walk on it. I’m just joking.”


The pit stop came after Biden visited the Ford Rouge Electric Vehicle Center and delivered remarks there, in which he cautioned that the United States would contend with China in this crucial region.

“Look, the car industry’s future is the battery. There’s no going back now, “Biden said the following.

“The real question is if we’ll be first or last in the potential sprint, and whether we’ll develop these cars and the batteries that go into them here in the United States or depend on other countries,” he said.

“We can’t let that be maintained,” Biden said, adding that China is “leading in this race” where the US used to be.

As the president’s Memorial Day deadline for “real progress” on his infrastructure agenda looms, Biden expressed hope that bipartisanship could emerge but said he had yet to see a counter initiative from Republicans in Congress.

“I hope we will reach a bipartisan agreement on infrastructure, and we eagerly await further information on their plan, which they will bring to me either later today or tomorrow. But one thing is clear: we’ll make concessions, but doing nothing is not a choice “Biden said the following. “The universe isn’t going to wait.”

Before delving into his own strategy, Biden took a shot at his predecessor, criticizing the Trump administration’s numerous “infrastructure weeks” with nothing to show for it.

“Infrastructure Week was announced. And they announced it, and announced it, and announced it, and announced it — every week for four years — and didn’t do a thing,” Biden said.

Former President Donald Trump was pictured behind the wheel at least once, as he got into a fire truck parked in the White House driveway during “Made in America Week” in 2017. Trump enquired of reporters, “What happened to the fire? I’ll put it out there “He spoke as if he was driving an emergency truck.

Biden unveiled the highlights of his strategy on Tuesday in Michigan, including his demand for tens of thousands of charging stations around the country as part of the transition to electric cars, as well as investments in manufacturing, science, and development.

Biden specifically mentioned the country’s ongoing semiconductor shortage, emphasizing the need for the US to avoid such shortages in the future. Biden said he acknowledges concerns that if his efforts to invest in renewable energy technologies are approved, he will be left behind, but that will not be the case.

“We would not abandon anybody. Nearly 90% of the jobs provided under my American Jobs Plan do not require a bachelor’s degree, and 75% do not require an associate’s degree “I have a master’s degree,” Biden said.

In a speech peppered with “Bidenisms” and references to his father’s words of wisdom, the president hammered home the point that tackling climate change necessitates the creation of new jobs. He also said that achieving green energy targets could assist in the restoration of the United States’ global standing.

“If we act now to save the planet, we would be able to build millions of good-paying jobs, stimulate substantial economic growth, and increase the standard of living for people not only here, but around the world,” he said.

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