Undefeated: A Deaf Football Team In California Provides Glory And Pride To The Community

The deaf football team at the California School for the Deaf in Riverside, once considered underdogs, has beaten the odds with an undefeated season that has thrilled and inspired fans across California and beyond.

This season, the Cubs Varsity football team went 11-0 and won the division title game, a first in the school’s 68-year existence.

“To be honest, it’s motivating for the deaf community. We’ve never been this far in the playoffs before, with an 11-0 record “According to ABC News, coach Keith Adams. “You can notice a significant change in the community’s excitement, morale, and self-esteem of our athletes.”

The fact that they had never had a great season just “fired us up” and encouraged them to strive harder each game, according to wide receiver Jory Valencia.

“We’re basically annihilating every game now. We’re demonstrating to the rest of the world that we can play. We’re no longer losing, “he stated

The athletes and coaches communicate using American Sign Language and speak with ABC News through an ASL interpreter.

Enos Zornoza, a running back, stated the team’s success this season is due to their dedication and hard effort in practice.

He said that they had their sights set on the title from the start, but that they were taking things “one game at a time, one practice at a time.”

“Other players enjoy fooling around, and they say things like, “Come on, guys.” Maintain your dedication. Keep your focus. So I believe that all it takes is collaboration “Phillip Castaneda, a wide receiver and quarterback, said ABC News about the remarkable season.

Castaneda went on to say that he and his teammates have “great chemistry,” which provides them with the drive to succeed on the field.

Adams claims that his teammates’ talent has made teaching “simple” for him.

He described them as “wonderful youngsters.”

“I anticipated we’d have a solid squad, but they’ve blown me away — they’ve well exceeded my expectations.”

When asked what he believes the Cubs’ triumphant narrative would teach others, Zornoza said he hopes the national exposure they are receiving will inspire and provide hope to other deaf children.

“Anything is possible for us. Deaf individuals are capable of doing anything “he stated “We’re not the stereotypical people who are out there.”

“We’re breaking the news that we’re capable of doing it correctly. It’s not just our school that can accomplish it; other deaf schools can as well.”

The squad is now preparing to travel to the state. “We’re not done yet; there’s one more game to play, and we’re still hunting for that ring. There’s one more game, “Adams stated his opinion.

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