Data Breach At McDonald’s In Asia Has Exposed Some Customer Information

On Friday, Its operations were unaffected by a Data Breach At McDonald’s, which comes amid a worrying wave of cyberattacks aimed at high-profile targets.

After discovering illegal activity on its network, the business stated it collaborated with “skilled third parties” to conduct a “thorough investigation.”

“While we were able to promptly block off access following the identification,” McDonald’s Corporation stated in a statement to ABC News, “our investigation has shown that a small number of files were read, some of which included personal data.”

The hackers accessed client personal data in Korea and Taiwan, but no files included consumer payment information, according to their research. “Steps will be taken to alert regulators and consumers named in these files,” the business added.

“A few other markets will take steps to resolve files that contained employee personal data in the coming days,”

McDonald’s said in a statement, but the company did not say which markets were affected. According to the Wall Street Journal, the hack revealed business contact information for U.S. workers and franchisees, citing an internal letter to U.S. workers, but no U.S. customer data or personal employee data.

“McDonald’s will use the findings of the investigation, as well as input from security resources, to determine ways to improve our current security procedures going forward,” the business claimed.

The data leak at McDonald’s comes amid a slew of high-profile cyberattacks that have alarmed corporate executives and legislators.

JBS, the world’s largest meatpacking company, claimed earlier this week that it had paid $11 million in Bitcoin to the hackers who broke into its system after it was hit by ransomware.

Colonial Pipeline CEO Joseph Blount was also grilled by senators this week about his company’s ransomware assault, which resulted in a multi-day suspension of a key East Coast petroleum pipeline.

Colonial Pipeline paid the hackers $4.4 million in ransom, but the Justice Department later revealed that the criminal cell behind the attack had been seized of millions of dollars.

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