Danish Toymaker Lego Tells US Company To Stop Making Guns Look Like Its Toys

COPENHAGEN, Denmark — The Danish toymaker Lego, said on Wednesday that it has ordered a Utah-based gun manufacturer to cease making a device that makes a handgun appear like it’s covered with the iconic multi-colored building brick.

In a short statement, Lego stated, “We have contacted the firm, and they have promised to remove the product from their website and not produce or sell anything like this in the future.”

The concept results in a bespoke semi-automatic Glock handgun that looks a lot like a Lego toy.

Culper Precision, located in Provo, created Block 19 “to offer an opportunity to communicate about the love of the shooting sports and the satisfaction that can only be found in marksmanship practice and training,” according to its Instagram account.

“We at Culper Precision are happy for the worldwide attention that Block19 is receiving right now,” they stated. They also emphasized that individuals had the freedom to personalize their homes, but that responsible gun owners take precautions to keep their weapons safe.

The business did not immediately respond to queries seeking further information. As of Wednesday, Block19’s product page had been removed.

Last week, Shannon Watts, the founder of the gun-control group Moms Demand Action, brought attention to the product on Twitter and dubbed it “a formula for catastrophe” on Wednesday.

“We’ve already seen catastrophes occur when youngsters are exposed to unsecured guns that don’t appear to be toys,” she added in a statement. According to the group’s study, unintentional gunshot fatalities by youngsters of themselves or others increased by more than 30% between March and December 2020, compared to the same period the year before.

This rise coincides with a record-breaking jump in gun purchases in the United States, which began as the coronavirus epidemic spread last year. Gun rights are politically significant in conservative areas like Utah, which joined seven other states this year in relaxing gun regulations by eliminating the need for citizens to get permits to carry weapons in public.

Ole Kirk Kristiansen created Lego in 1932. The term LEg GOdt is taken from two Danish words that mean “play well.”

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