Martin Kove Was Eliminated In Week One Of ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Season 30

The strain was evident on the dance floor as the first elimination of the “Dancing With the Stars” season loomed large over the ballroom. However, “Cobra Kai” star Martin Kove’s adventure came to an end when he failed to convince the judges during his ballroom debut.

This season, Kove was partnered with Britt Stewart, and after he was eliminated, he told host Tyra Banks that he was “beyond comprehension” that he was going home.

While the ballroom’s battling spirit has waned since the actor’s expulsion, two front-runners for the Mirror Ball Trophy emerged Monday night when “The Talk” co-host Amanda Kloots and Nickelodeon actress JoJo Siwa tied for first place.

Kloots danced an emotional foxtrot to their wedding song, “It Had to Be You,” in remembrance of her late husband Nick Cordero. He sang the song to get a part in “Bullets Over Broadway,” the musical where they met for the first time.

Kloots told the camera, “This song holds such a particular place in my heart, and our wedding will always remain in my thoughts as one of the best days of my life,” and boldly smiled throughout her elegant performance, which earned her the highest score of the season, a 32 out of 40.

Siwa also got the judges to their feet with her lively cha-cha to Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande’s “Rain on Me,” proving that she and professional dance partner Jenna Johnson are a formidable team.

Melanie “Sporty Spice” C, who performed an enthusiastic foxtrot to “Here Comes the Sun” and received an unexpected shout-out from Beatles member Ringo Starr, was another noteworthy dancer.

Starr wasn’t the only famous person that showed out on the night. NBA great LeBron James also filmed a special shout-out for Imam Shumpert earlier in the show, which aired after his rumba.

The most memorable incident of the night occurred only hours before the tournament began when Peloton instructor Cody Rigsby and partner Cheryl Burke were forced to leave the competition to quarantine after the latter tested positive with COVID-19 despite having been vaccinated.

Because the two were alone, the judges were charged with evaluating one of their salsa rehearsal films. While the performance lacked polish, all four felt that it was good enough to get Cody and Cheryl another week in the competition.

lgnews-Martin-Kove-Was-Eliminated.gif231Both informed the crowd that they are in good spirits and are excited to compete next week.

When “Dancing With the Stars” returns to ABC on Monday at 8 p.m. ET, it will pay tribute to Britney Spears.

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