A Woman Was Given Six Doses Of The COVID Vaccine By Mistake Italy

A 23-year-old woman was released from the hospital after receiving six doses of the Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine by accident. She was being watched for any adverse reactions.

The vaccine was given to the woman on Sunday at the Noa hospital in Tuscany, central Italy, according to hospital spokeswoman Daniella Gianelli.

Ms. Gianelli said the woman, who is in “good shape” and has no underlying problems, was held in the hospital for 24 hours under close supervision before being discharged on Monday.

A health worker mistakenly loaded a syringe with the whole bottle of vaccine, resulting in six shots, and only realized her error after the shot had been given.lgnews-COVID-Vaccine-By-Mistake3

“She realized her mistake when she saw five empty syringes,” Ms. Gianelli said.

The patient’s immune reaction to the “big dose of vaccination” will be monitored by doctors, according to the spokesperson.

She added that because the woman is an intern in the hospital’s psychiatry department, she was entitled to get the vaccine before other adults in her age group.

Ms. Gianelli said it was “perhaps just human error, definitively not on purpose” and that an internal investigation had been launched.

The Italian government issued a decree in early April mandating vaccination for all healthcare and pharmacy professionals, with the aim of protecting medical personnel, patients, and disabled persons.

If a healthcare worker refuses the vaccine, they will be reassigned to a position where they will not be in touch with patients. They now face being suspended without pay if this is not an option.


It’s uncertain if the decree is legal, and many people expect there will be more legal battles over-vaccination in the future.

Italy is seeing a decrease in COVID-19 estimates after months of posting some of the highest infection rates in Europe.

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