COVID Green Pass Restrictions Are Being Tightened in Israel, Causing Outrage

JERUSALEM — On Sunday, Israel’s COVID Green Pass was restricted to enable only individuals who had gotten a booster dose of the vaccination or who had just recovered from coronavirus to access indoor events. Nearly 2 million individuals will lose their vaccination passports in the coming days as a result of the revised requirements.

Israel is the first country to mandate a booster injection as part of its digital vaccination passport program. The action is commonly interpreted as an effort to urge people who have not yet received the third dose of vaccine to do so.

To be eligible for a green pass, persons must have gotten a booster shot, according to the new rules. Passes will be provided to people who have received two vaccine doses or who have recovered from coronavirus. Passes will be valid for six months from the date of immunization or recovery.

The government’s coronavirus advisory council was scheduled to meet on Sunday to examine current limitations and recommendations.

As millions of Israelis attempted to reissue digital paperwork that would enable entrance to stores, restaurants, cultural events, gyms, and other indoor locations, the Health Ministry’s distribution of the revised green card was hampered by technical issues.

Hundreds of Israelis protested the green pass system around the nation, with convoys of automobiles blocking morning commutes as many Israelis returned to work Sunday following the Jewish High Holidays in September. The system’s critics claim it is a kind of forced immunization.

“We are completely opposed to any forced vaccines or drugs, and we are completely opposed to doing anything to our children or grandkids that we do not agree with,” Sarah Felt, a protester near the key highway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, stated.

After negotiating an agreement with Pfizer to transfer medical data in exchange for a consistent supply of doses, Israel rushed to vaccinate the majority of its adult population early this year.

Israel began an intensive booster effort this summer to shore up its population’s declining vaccination effectiveness. Over 60% of Israel’s population has gotten two doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, with over 3.5 million of the country’s 9.3 million residents receiving a booster dose. However, at least 2 million more people have only got two doses, and many will lose their green card privileges.

In Israel, new instances of coronavirus have been on the rise in recent months. According to Health Ministry data, almost 70% of the 588 severe coronavirus cases in Israeli hospitals as of Sunday were unvaccinated people.

Due to high traffic on the ministry’s green pass website and app, previously issued certificates will be valid for the next three days, according to a statement released Sunday morning.

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